Fast Trust, Fast Friends


Trust is complicated. Whether we’re dealing in our personal or professional lives, trust isn’t something that can be faked. Trust is one of the most important aspects of running a business—maybe even the most important! Clients will not engage with a business they don’t trust; partners are likely to pair with more reliable companies; and employees will go looking for new opportunities if they cannot depend on their employers. Businesses run on trust.

Growing a relationship founded on trust takes intention, effort, and time. All too often, however, time is a limited resource, especially in today’s fast-paced, ever changing world. So how can we quickly and authentically gain trust to build relationships? This month, let’s look at four tips to build fast trust in order to make fast friends.

Have Faith in Others

The number one way to build trust in you, your business, and your team is to demonstrate that you trust other people. Be generous in your feedback, deliver coaching for mistakes kindly, assume the best in those around you. When we jump to the worst conclusion immediately, we inspire anxiety and wariness, not trust. By demonstrating that you trust your team, others will respond to you in kind.

Form Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Trust is a two-way street. Take a look at your current professional relationships. Does one party benefit more than the other? Do you find yourself giving more than you take or vice versa? By showing people that you value and care about them and their development, they will in turn value and care about you and your goals. Make sure everyone is benefiting and keep the playing field as even as possible.

Be Accountable

You’re a leader. Your example sets the tone for the rest of your business. Address issues directly and head-on. Employees will be quick to notice if they are being treated differently from one another, so make sure that you are dealing with everyone fairly. Don’t make promises

unless you are positive you can keep them: if you fail to deliver on your word, trust will be damaged. Always tell the truth. Nothing will damage trust quicker than a lie. Your employees are smart, and they can handle news even when it’s hard. That’s why you hired them in the first place!

Be Patient

Last but not least—patience. There’s a reason it’s one of the most invoked virtues! Like I said earlier, trust can’t be faked. It can’t be bought or sold. It can only grow through time and effort. If it takes longer to establish than you expected, don’t rush things. By leading with intention, holding yourself and your team accountable, keeping things fair, and having faith in others, the trust will come in time. It will be well worth the wait—relationships based in trust last longer than those based in fear, worry, or time-crunches.

Looking to build trust in your leadership and your business? Leadership Delta is here for you. Contact us today! We’ll get you started on building a reputation that your employees and clients will trust with ease.