Come for the Beauty, Stay for the Experience

Sunset Over Lake

Recently, our travels took us back to Garza Blanca in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We planned our first venture to Garza Blanca back in 2014. Using photos and recommendations sourced online—while on the hunt for a great value—we carefully planned our trip. Upon arrival, we couldn’t believe our eyes. There was tremendous beauty to be found, not only in the surroundings of Puerto Vallarta, but in the wonderful service staff who accommodated us so graciously. Garza Blanca’s team greeted us with their hands on their hearts and with smiles on their faces. We were impressed by every amenity, from the high-end restaurants on the grounds, to the gym on the top floor with its soaring views. And when the workout was over, a fresh glass of cucumber water and a mint-scented towel were waiting. Here’s the best part of all: we’ve gone back three years in a row and the quality experience is consistent. Every. Single. Time.

The fact is, when you have a good experience, you’re loyal. There are no wandering eyes when you deliver unforgettable service, time after time. It’s this sort of mentality that companies need to keep central to their missions. What’s more, a focus on unforgettable service should extend to relationships beyond company and client. Consider the potential bond between a company and its vendors, or a company and its employees. Both are central to a company’s ability to function well, and in turn provide the sort of service that will keep clients part of the family for years to come.

Now ask yourself a few questions:

  • What experience is your company providing?

  • Can you expect customers to return based on their experience?

  • Does your company suffer from an employee retention problem?

  • Does the client, vendor/partner, and employee experiences align with your company’s values and mission?

If you aren’t being mindful in cultivating your company’s service experience, then you’re missing out on one of the biggest corporate talking points of the moment. In fact, a recent article from Forbes outlines why 2018 will be the year of employee experience. From company perks and morale boosters, to a reconfigured HR model and a focus on employee engagement: experience is everything, even on your talent roster.

Think back to Garza Blanca: the devil is in the details. Our repeat stays were made memorable because of the level of care that went into a top-to-bottom client-focused experience. It’s the modern responsibility of companies to create a similar experience when interacting with employees, other businesses, and clients alike. To compete in today’s market, you have to cultivate a sense of loyalty. That loyalty is earned through comprehensive service, consistency, and the little details that add up—like the ones we loved during our visits to Garza Blanca and will surely be waiting when we return.

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